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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Kid Who Makes Good Decisions?

It sure doesn’t! To the untrained eye, the blank, lifeless expression painted on his face throughout this video would lead one to believe this young man was heavily intoxicated. But to the galaxy brained, trained third eye, it is obvious that this man was having his life flash before his eyes because he’s now a dead guy. Dart to the front of the temple will do it every time. And if the dart itself doesn’t do the deed then pulling it out surely would cause more damage than aid.

The commentary in this video was also a little too relaxed. “It’s in his head. It’s in your forehead. Take it out of your forehead.” Hey pal, I know there’s a dart in my forehead. Pretty tough to not notice. But you’re not my real dad. If I want to walk around with a dart in my forehead the rest of the night, that’s my business. Either be really freaking out about the dart in my forehead, truly light a fire under my ass that it needs to be removed ASAP, or just leave it be. This fence riding tone is doing nobody any favors.