Kevin Love Will Never Not Get Mad Online

So there I was, minding my own business, perusing the internet looking for some big time content to post on our social channels on an overcast Saturday afternoon. When suddenly I stumble upon a video of a school full of black kids having the time of their lives dancing up a storm before the camera cuts to one white kid who has potentially never even attempted to move his limbs before. Both adorable AND hilarious. Now, it’s my job to make this go as viral as possible. Rack up as many retweets, likes and interactions as it humanly can. Which is where my now close personal friend Kevin Love comes in to play.

Sure, I could’ve made this about Robbie Fox going to see Black Panther on opening weekend, but what was that going to do? That’s a 50 RT, 320 like tweet at best. Was Michael B. Jordan going to quote tweet that and mix it up with us? Highly unlikely. Kevin Love, however, has no idea how to take a joke, thus making him the perfect target.

Once is a coincidence. Anyone can be mad online once, that’s hardly a story. Twice though? Twice is the beginning of a pattern. And Kevin Love has now responded to the exact same joke twice over the past six months.

The first time he was talking about sex. I don’t care how he tries to hide behind this, the man was clearly talking about box being vagina during our initial interaction. We all know this to be canon in the Kevin Love-Barstool Sports rivalry. Now, today, on February 24, 2018, Kevin Love saw a tweet referencing him, went to his safe, got his ring, took out his phone, video taped said ring, and smashed that send button to @Barstoolsports. Definitely not the actions of a man who is actually laughing and not mad online.

PS – Not for nothing, that Cavs ring box is cool as hell. I’m man enough to admit a cool ring box when I see one. And that there is a mighty fine ring box.