I Rebuke Dan Dakich For Saying That Chris Farley Wasn't Funny And For Not Knowing That Farley Is Dead

Me after hearing Dan Dakich say those awful, terrible words:

I’ll admit I don’t know much about Dan Dakich. Sometimes him and an ex college basketball player going 12 rounds on Twitter will get retweeted onto my timeline and I always end up disagreeing with Dakich. But disliking someone’s point of view on Twitter isn’t exactly hard to do. I just try to ignore Dakich like I do all the other annoying people on Twitter.

However to say Chris Farley wasn’t funny while also acting like you didn’t know he was dead is an insult to humanity. It should be a war crime. Firing him from his job isn’t enough. He should be fired into the sun. I hope Medium Daddy Trent doesn’t see this during his #CousinsRetreat or it may break his big, kind heart. I know Dan Dakich likes being the king of bad opinions and takes. Some would even call him a troll of epic proportions. But saying Chris Farley isn’t funny is like going 10 bridges too far in my book. I can’t ignore that. Tommy Boy = Classic. Black Sheep = Classic. Best of Chris Farley on SNL = Classic. His smaller roles in movies like Billy Madison, Airheads and Dirty Work = Classic. Chris Farley is the Gale Sayers of comedians. He wasn’t doing his thing long, but he did it great while he was doing it. In fact, Farley’s death was the first celebrity death that hit me hard. I still remember being in science class when I found out, which granted was before Robbie Fox was even born. But still, his death was one of those things that shocked everyone and was covered everywhere back in the day.


So on this day, February 24th in the year of our lord 2018, I rebuke Dan Dakich. May everyone have a lovely Saturday. Except Dan Dakich, you old rebuked fuck.