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Netflix Has A New Reality Show Coming Out Where They Try And Convince People To Commit Murder

I’m not typically into reality shows. Despite my affinity for distressed jeans, face masks, and top 40 music it just never really struck a chord with me. All that American Idol, Survivor, Kardashian stuff I just find to be too fake and lame. They’re regular people trying to act and follow scripts while pretending it’s reality. No thank you. I’ll take the professionals who actually know how to act, much like how I’d prefer to watch professionals play sports rather than head down to the rec center and watch a 40 year old man who thinks he’s in the NBA Finals.

However, I think I might have to break my rule for this one. You give me a real life version of “The Game” (which I will absolutely be watching tonight now) and I’m all the way in. I don’t know how real this is, I can’t imagine you can completely fuck with someone’s mind like this legally, and I’d also assume you have to pay them? But I’m not a lawyer so who knows? I’m going to consume it either way. I’m all for fucked up psychological stuff and this fits the bill.

Now, for the important question, you think you’d push this dude? As I sit here with my headphones on and in my own, perfect, world I’d like to say no. Right now I am super anti murder. But if I have 70 actors telling me it’s the right thing to do? People telling me that I’ll go to jail if I don’t? Well, then I think buddy is going flying. I won’t be happy about it but I don’t even think it will be a difficult decision. I’ll go out partying when I know I have responsibilities in the morning if my buddy gives me so much as a, “Come on, why not?” I’m very impressionable. If I’m in a public bathroom and some dude is washing his hands I’ll stop to wash my hands too, and I had zero intention of getting “clean” when I zipped up. Outside pressure is easy to succumb to and that goes for ordering dessert or killing a human being.