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I Saw My First Broadway Show Last Night: Escape To Margaritaville

So I know I’ve said this before but I’m a huge Parrothead. I love Jimmy Buffett. I’ve probably been to 20-25 shows in my day. My Spotify playlist is littered with Buffett songs.   Hell when I first met Chernin Group and they asked me what businesses I respected I said Jimmy Buffett because he’s built an empire around a lifestyle brand which is what I wanted to do with Barstool Sports. Now I readily admit that Jimmy Buffett is sort of a lightning rod guy. People either love him or people make fun of the people who like him. I’ve never understood the 2nd camp? You don’t like a guy who sings about beaches, boats and vacations? Buy a Nantucket house for me 1 time.  Anyway I digress.

Another known fact about me is I hate Broadyway shows. I’d much rather go to a movie or stay home and watch TV. But since it was Jimmy’s play I decided to give it a shot. I mentioned I was going to it yesterday on Barstool Radio and had a flood of callers telling me not to go. That they saw it in Chicgao and it was horrible and I’d hate it. I actually seriously contemplated just eating my tickets rather than waste my time, but at the last minute I decided to give it a shot. After all isn’t NYC Broadway the major leagues and everywhere else is the minors? Well guess what? I’m glad I went. Was it the best thing I’ve ever seen? No. Was it the worst? Definitely not. Was it cheesy? Of course it was. That’s Jimmy Buffett though. Cheese central. Bottomline is I don’t know how anybody who likes Jimmy Buffett wouldn’t enjoy this. It’s pretty true to his brand. It’s tons of his music. I don’t know what people who hated it were expecting? If you are a Parrothead it’s a no brainer. If you hate Jimmy Buffett you probably want to sit this one out.

Overall Grade – B

Sidenote here is my top 15/favorite Jimmy songs in no particular order

1. The Wino And I Know

2. It’s My Job

3. One Particular Harbour

4. Pirate Looks at 40

5. Chanson Pour les Petit Enfan

6. Delaney Talks To Statues

7. Son of a Son of A Sailor

8. Last Mango To Paris

9. Changes In Latitude

10. Margaritaville

11. Come Monday

12. Havana Day Dreamin

13. Jolly Mon Sing

14. Nautical Wheelers

15. Breath In Breath Out Move On