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School Resource Officer From MSD High School Is Being Accused Of Cowardice By Everyone From Parents To The President

I think the last clip with President Trump speaks volumes about this situation, particularly the part where he says that the officer had trained his whole life for a situation like the one that took place at MSD. Training and actual events are so completely different.

I’ve seen people calling the officer a coward and ranting and raving about how they would do something different. They would be the source of calming in the rough waters that are a wave of bullets. The issue is that people dont know how they would respond until they are faced with sheer terror.

I trained with Marines who looked hardened. The Marines did pre-deployment packages, shot on ranges, trained on entering houses to take out the bad guys. These Marines were in top physical shape and were able to move tactical mountains while training. When the real bullets begin to fly, not everyone has the mental make-up to be the last action hero.

Fight. Flight. Freeze. Those are typically the options that your brain gives you. Your body can want to react in a certain way but your mental make-up simply wont let you. That mentality is something that you are basically born with.

I’m sure the school resource officer wanted to go in that building. I’m sure that he knew that he should go in the building. For some reason, he couldn’t. It’s obviously beyond tragic what happened in that school. The loss of life is horrific. I dont think we get anywhere by shaming this police officer. Absolutely no good comes from calling him a coward and making this about his inaction. Instead, we should praise the other police officers who responded how they were trained, took the suspect into custody, and controlled the scene.

We must do more to protect our kids from this kind of mass casualty situation. Connor and I talked about it extensively on Zero Blog Thirty this week. One thing I think we both could agree on is that placing the blame at the feet of the school resource officer does us no good, and I would bet that most women and men who have heard bullets flying in their direction can and do completely understand what happened to Scott Peterson.