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Michael Porter Jr., Cleared to Return to Basketball Activities

Some more significant news coming out in the college basketball world tonight. Now, the big thing to remember here is he’s been cleared for full contact but Missouri hasn’t announced that he’s been cleared for games or even ready to play in games. Porter played just a few minutes in the season-opener and has been sidelined due to a back injury.

When it was announced that he had the back injury pretty much everyone assumed we’d never see him in a Missouri jersey this year – or really ever. Now, there’s at least a chance. I’d still be shocked to see him play in a game for a multitude of reasons, the first one being there’s simply not a lot of time left in terms of games. After that, you’d assume it could potentially harm his draft stock opposed to helping it. Porter seems to be all but a lock for a top-6 pick but if he comes up and just absolutely struggles you have to wonder if he’ll fall another spot or two.

Porter was one of the expected stars coming into the season. At 6’11” he has all the skillset for the modern game. He can stretch the floor, create his own shot and obviously has great size to create a mismatch. Missouri is still in position to make the NCAA Tournament and are currently battling for a top-4 finish in the SEC, which would give it a double-bye in the SEC Tournament.

Credit to Missouri for the best tweet tonight: