Aubrey Plaza Dropped A Season 2 Teaser For Legion... AKA The Best Show You Didn't Watch In 2017

“I need to remind you, what you THINK is real… Never occurred.”

GIVE IT TO ME BABY!!! I’ve been waiting on this news for a good while now and although this isn’t a full trailer for Legion S2, it certainly still makes it move in all the goddamn ways. It’s a show I haven’t heard many people talk about over the last year, despite a loaded cast, incredible execution, and a big dick showrunner behind it.

I never got around to watching Fargo but I heard ALL the good things/awards, and seeing how creator/writer/director Noah Hawley crafted that universe behind the scenes gave me faith for Season 1 of Legion right off the bat. It also didn’t hurt that the entire series has comic book X-Men origins and is based around Professor X’s son, aka David Haller aka Legion.

But it is A LOT more than just a comic book crossover. It’s a legitimately thrilling action drama, with twists and turns that will make your brain hurt beautifully, and a payoff by seasons end that is incredibly satisfying while still leaving room for plenty more to chew. On top of that, it’s some of the coolest fashion/music/concepts/characters I’ve ever seen in a show. Was I biased because I was living off unemployment last spring and searching for any sliver of light in life? For sure yes. But it also bangs HARD. And I haven’t even gotten to Aubrey Plaza yet…

She should have won all the awards for this show, plain and simple. Not just for the sultry seductive dancing, but because the entire being of her character is unlike anything I’ve seen. She’s been well versed in acting like she doesn’t give a fuck from her Parks & Rec days… And she does that and more here, with unexplainable unexpectedness in every scene. I wish I could gush about how amazing she is as “Lenny” but honestly I’ve already said too much. JUST WATCH IT.

It’s only 8 episodes long and they set up for a delicious platter of fun in Season 2. Again you DO NOT have to be a comic book fan to like this show. I literally had zero idea who “Legion” was before watching this, despite sucking down healthy doses of the X-Men growing up. Shout out to my old roommate Dangee for broadening my horizons on this one.

And shout out to Noah Hawley for making Sydney Barrett one of the hottest TV girlfriends ever. DEFINITION OF: half-woman half-drugged, ride or die, bad bitch #goals that’s what’s up! The show starts out with David in an insane asylum, wondering if he’s hearing voices or if his reality is even real, somewhat of a constant theme throughout the season. Shit REALLY gets fucked up when he meets Sydney in the first episode and immediately falls for her, creating a powerful yet completely confused couple in the process. Also because of her powers she physically can’t touch anyone, so that keeps things plenty complicated throughout the season. And what a travesty that truly is…


Don’t get me wrong, this show is a marathon NOT a sprint. There’s things in Episode 1 that won’t make sense till Episode 8 and although it’s not Westworld level, complementing the show with Reddit etc does help make everything crystal clear if you feel fuzzy around Ep 4/5. It’s so worth the ride though, like I can’t contain my excitement writing this right now.

We have over a month until the S2 premiere so there’s plenty of time to catch up and believe me I do not recommend shows lightly. In fact until KMarko recommended Altered Carbon so highly, I was essentially just browsing Netflix genre menus and waiting for Rick & Morty or Always Sunny to come back. But now we have Legion S2 April 3rd… Let’s dance!

PS: This is what the main villain of the show looks like…


It me.