Bubba Trying (And Failing) To Look Cool While Getting In A Mini Van Is So Bubba

Jesus Christ. Fucking Bubba. Part of me thinks Bubba is trolling at this point. He endlessly makes himself look like a total loser. So much so that he might be doing it on purpose. You can’t be a rich, professional golfer like Bubba and look like this much of a loser all the time. You have to have so much loser DNA in your body that it overcomes everything he accomplishes. Only Bubba could make himself look like a total loser after just winning a golf tournament. He’s the winningest loser in golf and maybe in all of sports.

And you know what would make him even more of a loser than I already think he is? If he was actually doing these things on purpose to try to be funny. That’s likely what’s happening here. I’d put good money that he was like, “Alright lock the mini van. Why? Cause I’m gonna stroll up to it, pretend to act cool and then LOLOLOLOL it’s gonna be locked. How funny is that?!?!? Crazy funny.” And Bubba has so many Yes Men around him that they let him go through with it despite it being excruciating. Fucking Bubba.