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Olive Garden Has Done It Again! Introduces The "Meatball Pizza Bowl", An Authentic Italian Masterpiece!

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Food Beast - It seems with each limited time item they bring out, Olive Garden’s menu gets crazier and crazier. Case in point, Pasta Nachos.

Just when we thought the casual Italian-American restaurant chain couldn’t top such an unorthodox item, they come out with a pizza bowl.

As part of their Lunch Duo special, Olive Garden has introduced a new Meatball Pizza Bowl diners can try to conquer during their lunch break.

The Meat Ball Pizza bowl begins as a simple crust made of pizza dough that’s then molded into a vessel for the saucy, meaty goodness that awaited us. Through a savory, transformative process, the bowl is combined with melted cheese and topped with marinara sauce and plump, picture-perfect meatballs.


Everyone knows I’m a big fan of the OG (Olive Garden). It’s great Italian home cooking. Many people, like my friend Frankie Borrelli, say it’s the best Italian you can get without hopping on a plane and landing in Florence. His words, not mine. That’s Frankie Borrelli, @FrankieBorrelli on Twitter. So when it comes to the Meatball Pizza Bowl, I don’t like it. I love it!

I love that Olive Garden not only whips up a mean chicken alfredo dish, but is willing to re-invent Italian food in ways great Italian chefs like Massimo Bottura, Antonio Carluccio, and Guy Fieri could only dream of. First they introduced the culinary world to Pasta Nachos – deep fried lasagna chips topped with meat and covered in alfredo sauce.

And now, they are turning the gastronomy world on it’s head again, breaking out the Meatball Pizza Bowl. Mama mia, the culinary geniuses at OG have done it again! Couple the pizza bowl with 10 breadsticks and some salad to keep it healthy, and you have a delicious, authentic meal that will make you feel like you’re literally in Sicily.

Can’t wait to head down to the food mecca of the world, Times Square, and try this out. See you guys there!