Cop Jumps On The Trunk Of A Speeding Car, Breaks Rear Window, Climbs Inside And Arrests Drunk Driver

 Source - Theft of a 20-year-old decided to supplement his criminal biography with an article for hijacking – on the way to correctional work he stole from a Renault Logan who was driving him, and when he was tried by inspectors of the road patrol service, he rolled one of them on the trunk. When the driver was dragged from the cabin, it turned out that he was struggling to keep up – so young a man was drunk. 

Uncertainly running a young man’s car, order-keepers caught up on Karl Marx Street, but he could not check his documents – he jerked from his place in an attempt to escape. Lieutenant Maxim Mamaev grabbed for the trunk and the handle of the gun on the move broke the rear window, climbed into the cabin and stopped the car.

Apologies for the poorly worded article. I found it on a Russian website so the translation is weird. The only part of the article that made sense was ‘Karl Marx Street.’ Probably because I paid attention in fifth grade history. I think what they’re trying to say is that they pulled over a drunk driver and he ran. Regardless, I can’t imagine an American police officer pulling a move like this. I’m sure they have, I’m just saying it would have to be an extraordinary set of circumstances. Judging from the video this seems like an everyday occurrence in Russia. He didn’t even think twice, the second the car started moving he jumped on the back and went for a ride. NBD.

I’m not sure he knew the officer was on the back of his car. If he did he would’ve tried to shake him off. Maybe he forgot he got pulled over. Sometimes you get so drunk that you forget things as they happen. Carrabis told me a story the other day where his buddy got so drunk that he forgot he dropped him off. Jared got out of the car, he pulled away, then his friend circled back five minutes later to try and drop him off again. It’s called real time memory loss and it’s a term I just made up.

Normally I’d say something about how brave cops are but this guy is a Russian and we’re competing in the Olympics. Instead I’ll say this, best of luck to all parties involved. And God bless America.