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The Washington Post Is On To Something BIG: Is The Red Shoe Emoji....Sexist?

Washington Post - Then one night, as she typed the word “shoe-in” into her phone, an emoji of a shoe automatically popped up.

It was a red stiletto.

“I just kind of stared at it in total disbelief,” she said. 

I mean, look. I’m going to be dead honest here:  This story is over my head. I can’t begin to dissect the intricacies of a red shoe emoji being sexist. I want to do a blog about the ins and outs of the emoji’s effect on the shrinking middle class, deforestation, food and water security, greenhouse gases, and the lack of government accountability in an ever-evolving technological world, but I’m just stumped. I just don’t have the advanced education to completely understand it all. And even more so, since I don’t want to get political here on Barstool SPORTS, I’ll just leave you with the link to the article, a picture of said emoji, and a full day to think and contemplate what it all means.


It really makes you think.