Chris Tucker Says We Are Getting A Rush Hour 4 With Him And Jackie Chan


Metro- Chris Tucker has confirmed that they’ve finally got a script for Rush Hour 4 that they are happy with. Jackie Chan had previously confirmed that he had agreed to star in the project while speaking on The Cruz Show, but nothing materialised. Now, Chris has confirmed that the movie is on its way and he hopes it’ll be the best ever. Speaking on ESPN’s podcast, The Plug, he confirmed that Rush Hour 4 will be hitting cinemas. ‘It’s happening. This is gonna be the rush of all rushes. Jackie is ready and we want to do this so that people don’t ever forget it,’ he said. Last year Chan said: ‘For the last seven years, we’ve been turn[ing] down. turn[ing] down the script. But yesterday we agreed.’

The Era of Reboots continues! Actually you can’t even consider Rush Hour 4 a reboot. It’s just a sequel that has been waiting to be made for 11 years. But still, Hollywood is going back to the well yet again and I am not going to hate them for it. If you don’t enjoy the Rush Hour movies, you can’t be trusted. It’s really that simple. Chris Tucker talking a mile a minute and acting like a lunatic while Jackie Chan beats the hell outta bad guys with his crazy kung fu shit. It’s like sweet and salty snacks in movie form. Rush Hour movies are kettlecorn. Easy to mindlessly consume and love.

And of course Chris Tucker was the one holding this movie from being made. He created a Hall of Fame movie character in Smokey and passed on bringing him back in the next 10 Friday movies because he became a born-again Christian. He’s not signing on to a movie just to make a paycheck. He wanted Rush Hour 4 to be done right and wouldn’t sign off until he got a script that did it. Between being Smokey in Friday, Carter in Rush Hour, and the infamous Ruby Rhod in Fifth Element, Tucker was one of the hottest comedians in Hollywood during the late 90s and just disappeared from the spotlight. Poof, vamoose, son of a bitch on some mini Dave Chappelle shit.

UPDATE: Holy shit, I didn’t know there was a Last Friday coming down the pipe and Smokey was coming back in it.


This is bigger news than Rush Hour 4 in my world, no matter how good/bad Last Friday is. At one point of my life, Friday was on my Mount Rushmore of movies. Now it’s probably Top 20 or so, but still an incredible movie with a fire soundtrack. But this is huge news in the casa de Clem and the only way to celebrate this “breaking news” is with the Best of Smokey.

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