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Alex Rodriguez "Feels Like The 6th Gronkowski Brother" After Investing In Ice Shaker ... Could This Put #1 A-Rod Corp Employee Big Cat On The Hot Seat?

(CNBC) – All five “Shark Tank” investors, including guest judge, Alex Rodriguez, clamored for a piece of the Ice Shaker business, which sells insulated bottles that are an upscale version of plastic cups used to mix up protein shakes.

Rodriguez landed the deal in partnership with Mark Cuban, and the pair invested a combined $150,000 for a 15 percent stake in the business. “He’s been terrific,” Rodriguez tells CNBC Make It. “He’s under promised and he’s over delivered. Our sales have done incredibly well.”

Rodriguez even says the deal has made him and Cuban feel like part of the Gronkowski family.”They have five brothers, [Cuban and I] think now we’re like seven brothers having this great company, and we’re having a great time,” Rodriguez. “Hopefully, sometime in the next few years we have a nice exit.”

“Whenever I need to reach out, or just [for] a weekly update, I just shoot them an email and I have a response within 15 minutes,” Chris Gronkowski says.”

If I was Big Cat I’d be pretty worried about my standing in the Corp right now. Although he came in scorching hot, the past few weeks have been a bit of an uphill battle for him, including a suspension from the Bossman himself mid January for negligence/diarrhea. And now the hits just keep on coming with A-Rod moving on to a new company apprentice…One far younger and moreeeee powerful. And also completely jacked.

Big Cat was wooing A-Rod for years before he got a true sniff of the Corp life. Meanwhile Chris Gronkowski has only known him since October but there’s already big business articles coming out in February with vivid details about their dynamic partnership/budding friendship. Maybe there’s room for everyone on the team but I’m not so sure.

Seems as if Chris has been getting endless advice from A-Rod within 15 minutes of hitting him up, while Big Cat has been left to wither in the wind no matter what he’s offering. As of this writing it’s been over 2 hours since he sent this tweet… With no official response from the Corp.

A-Rod Corp’s #1 employee trying to blaze the Bitcoiin2Gen trail to no avail. Is it a bad investment? Not worth Bossman’s time? Is it because Steven Seagal just became the worldwide ambassador?

I don’t know those answers folks. Maybe Big Cat or A-Rod can shed some light on it. I’m not rooting against him in the Corp by any means, it’s just that… If A-Rod truly is the 6th Gronkowski brother now, it’s gonna change A LOT of things in their communicative relationship.

Big Cat needs to get ahead of the story and solely start using “You don’t Party”, “You don’t get chixxx”, and “69 hahahahahahah” as much as possible in any tweets/texts to his boss. It could easily convince A-Rod that he’s the 7th Gronk brother and that’ll keep his standing firm in the Corp. Ice Shaker doesn’t look like it’s gonna crumble anytime soon so if that doesn’t work than it’s officially time to bust out the big guns…

Dust off the Blackout Tour from the pirate ship crypt and shove some strobes and Smurfs in Bro #3’s face. It’s the only thing powerful enough to successfully distract the Gronks at this point. Because they don’t party or get chixxx. 69 hahahahahahahahaha