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As You Would Expect, Bill Gates Has No Idea How Much Regular Items Cost At The Grocery Store

I LOVE THIS IDEA. It’s a genius idea.

I’ve loved this idea ever since I saw this tweet once upon a time

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 2.12.48 PM

Having celebrities guess how much everyday products cost is a can’t-miss idea. I hope Ellen keeps doing this. Bill Gates is a great way to start. Gates is worth a cool 91 BILLION. That’s a mind-numbing amount of money. I’d be scared to do anything with that amount of money. That might seems backwards but it’s true. Being that rich would be AWESOME but I would constantly be worried I was gonna die and lose it all. In a way, I’d be paralyzed by having enough money to do whatever I wanted. Imagine dying with a net worth of 91 billion. That sounds like a nightmare.

Honestly though, his answers were way closer than I would’ve imagined. I thought he would be hundreds of dollars off. Bill Gates hasn’t thought about the price of anything in like twenty years. Him and guys like Jeff Bezos are barely even members of our society. They have so much money that they can’t have much of a grasp of reality. Yet there was Bill Gates out there accurately guessing the price of dental floss. $22 for pizza rolls was more what I was expecting. No fucking way does Bill Gates have any idea what a bag of pizza rolls goes for. That’s the good stuff. More and more and more of that. I’d love to see Jay Z and Beyonce do it. I’d love to see the Kardashians do it. Obviously need Bezos on there. Make it happen, Ellen.