The Fore Play Boys Will Be On Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" Thursday Morning, 10:40 AM EST

Big day tomorrow for the Fore Play boys. Trent and myself will be making our TV debut on Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive.” The show’s on 9-11AM EST and you’ll see our goofy mugs at 10:40. We’ve been cultivating a relationship with Golf Channel for over a year now and they finally decided they don’t care about anything anymore so what the hell to take a chance and bring some young guns into the golf media scene. Oh baby. We met several Golf Channel folks including a “Morning Drive” producer at the Waste Management and been working to make this happen ever since.

Should be fun, don’t be afraid to turn every single TV in your house to Golf Channel before you leave for work tomorrow, stream GC live on every smartphone, tablet, and computer you own, and DVR GC on every DVR-able item you’ve ever touched.

Thank you kindly. I’ll be on Mike & The Murrdog beforehand to talk about Golf Channel and god knows what else.