Reader Email - Should I Let Riggs And Trent Have A Sleep Over With My Dad At Del Boca Vista?


So I got this text from my dad this morning out of the blue.  Basically asking permission for Riggs and Trent to have a sleepover.   The weird part was when I asked Riggs and Trent what this was all about they had no idea.    But now I think this has to happen right?  Like how can I call myself a content guy and not let this sleepover happen?   The thing is I’m not sure my dad totally understands is that this isn’t so they can just hang out. We’d be sending a camera man to stay with them too.   It would be a real life Seinfeld situation.   So if my dad greenlights the cameraman I’m greenlighting the sleepover.

PS – This is the opposite of a boondoggle for the boondoggle boys. I mean I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.  I haven’t stayed at my parents place in over a decade.  I guarantee it’s 95 degrees in that place at all times.