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I Tried Virtual Reality For The First Time And Whew Boy "Walking The Plank" Ended Poorly

First off, I cannot recommend virtual reality enough. Granted I almost died doing it, but for a first time experience I was incredibly blown away. Somehow we haven’t gotten a VR system for Barstool Gametime yet but after walking the plank this weekend, holy FUCK I am all in on artificial futures ONLY moving forward…

It’s truly one of those things you simply cannot believe until you’re immersed inside it and when those elevator doors open, your brain has no choice but to believe. I knew I was standing on a 1 inch thick wooden board and yet as I looked out (and down) into uber deluxe Sim City, I legitimately thought there was wind blowing beneath my feet. I’m utterly terrified of heights so seeing tiny cars way WAY down and birds flying by my face essentially short circuited my mind completely.

The VR above is not exact but very similar to what I saw, although this version definitely avoided the “Want to experience THE FALL?” question. I was on a first date so I had to seem calm, cool and collected… And as you can see I CLEARLY aced the test. And by aced I mean my knees completely buckled, I let out a legitimate yell of fear, broke the system for the rest of the day and knocked over the $30 of drinks I just bought.

Thankfully I was a Space Pirate ACE after smashing my face so the day wasn’t completely lost. In fact, I already have the itch for more… VR sedation is the only way to fly for me now, horrifying skyscraper planks excluded.

PS: Would be hilarious if I ended up marrying that chick though right?
…You’re waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away…