Here We Go! Silicon Valley Dropped Their Season 5 Trailer


Can I be honest for a second? I don’t remember SHIT that happened in season 4 of Silicon Valley. Like nothing at all. This is a side effect of having so many good shows out at one time. It’s the side effect of Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime and HBO GO. I (and most of us) consume so much original television that my brain simply can’t hold all of the information. Maybe that just makes me a dumb person but I can’t be the only one who goes through this. Game of Thrones is pretty much the only show I remember most of the storylines because it’s fucking epic and it gets burned into my brain. But watching that trailer for season 5 of Silicon Valley almost felt like I was watching a new show. The characters all seem vaguely familiar. So that’s good.

Kumail Nanjiani is now a massive star thanks to his very very good movie The Big Sick. That was really my main takeaway from the whole trailer actually. I was like, “Oh man. That dude is probably too famous for this show now.” With allllllllllll of that said, I’m still pumped for the new season of Silicon Valley. I jumped on the show when it first came out and will continue to ride with it despite not remember a single second of season 4.