Mark Cuban Admitted That Tanking Is In The Mavericks Best Interests


Dallas Morning News- Tanking hasn’t been associated with the Mavericks much since Dirk Nowitzki came into town 20 seasons ago, but it has been a relevant topic surrounding Dallas for the past two seasons. Recently team owner Mark Cuban joined NBA legend Julius Irving on his show, “House Call with Dr. J.”, and admitted to telling his team it would best to lose games at this point in the season.

“I’m probably not supposed to say this, but, like, I just had dinner with a bunch of our guys the other night and here we are, you know, we weren’t competing for the playoffs I was like, ‘Look, losing is our best option,’” Cuban said on Dr. J’s show. “Adam [Silver] would hate hearing that, but I at least sat down and I explained it to them. And I explained what our plans were going to be this summer, that we’re not going to tank again, this was, like, a year-and-a-half tanking and that was too brutal for me. But being transparent, I think that’s the key to being kind of a players owner and having stability.”

Just another example of Mark Cuban being smarter or at least more honest than other NBA owners. Sure he may have turned down a piece of Barstool and Big Cat’s brain like an absolute IDIOT, but he seems to know what he is doing running the Mavericks. I am so sick of people that are against their team tanking when a season is clearly over. Once you are out of the playoff race or have no chance of winning a championship, you should tank. Trust the motherfucking process until you have a team full of future studs after a few years of absolute hell.

I can’t tell you how delighted I was when the Knicks blew that 27 point lead in the 2nd half against the Wizards last week. It was one of the small moments that could redefine a franchise. Let the young guys get some burn, hopefully develop a bit, but ultimately come up short. I obviously don’t enjoy rooting against my favorite team. But if the NBA wants to keep a lottery system that rewards losing because the Magic happened to get lucky two years in a row 25 years ago, you have to lose. I lived in Basketball Purgatory during the Isiah Thomas and I never want to go back there. I want our 7’3″ unicorn to return in 2019 with two young future superduperstars. Imagine a team with KP raining threes, Luka Doncic doing weird Euro things, Zion Williamson dunking through peoples heads, and Frank Ntilikina wrapping his 20 foot arms around the other teams best player on defense? If losing the next 23 games in a row helps the Knicks in the long run, I hope the Knicks lose every game by 23. Investing $72 million in Joakim Noah is actually helping us now! This Giants season was an absolute nightmare. No doubt about it. But nobody will complain about it next season if it becomes clear they found their next franchise QB in the draft or somehow end up with Saquon Barkley who rushes for 3000 yards and 30 touchdowns. Mark Cuban is a smart person and figured this out this is the way to go. I’m a dumb person and figured out this is the way to go. Hopefully all the other teams owners and their fanbases don’t figure it out and chase meaningless wins that don’t do shit for the franchise once the season is over. See you in the lottery, Cubes. And fuck you for getting such a big head start on us.