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Conor McGregor Won Instagram This Weekend

If we’re being entirely honest I’m starting to lose my mind without a McGregor fight scheduled. I am. I love the fight game, I love the build up to a big championship bout, and I love it in particular when it involves the Notorious one. Unfortunately he’s off going on dates with Rita Ora and going to clubs and playing video games and starting to sound like a SoundCloud rapper promising a fire mixtape that will never come out with his “fights”. We’ve got these small moral victories on Team McGregor though, where he DOMINATES the Instagram game all weekend. First, he responded to some hater bringing up his loss to Nate Diaz in the most eloquent way possible, paying all respects to Nate and the troll as well, and promising a third fight between the two to cap off the trilogy. I know there’s a lot of purists that’d rather Conor nut up and fight Khabib or Ferguson or Holloway before he went back and fought Nate, but I’ve reached the point where I don’t care who his opponent is as long as he’s in there. Both fights with the younger Diaz brother were fantastic and I’d love to see it ran back again. I’d love all other fights mentioned as well, I’m really just too desperate to have an issue with any of them.

Then on Sunday, he posted this image/caption combo in response to Floyd Mayweather Jr confirming with Mike Bohn that he would not be facing McGregor in an MMA fight

…and that’s just perfect. What a rollercoaster of a caption. Yeah, Conor got his ass whooped back in August, but that was also a boxing match where Floyd was entering as one of the greatest to ever do it and McGregor was entering at 0-0. There’s not really much more to that than that, so McGregor talking shit is fair game in my book. It’s not like when Diaz choked him out and people were able to hang “McQuickTap” over his head. This one’s just like, yeah no shit he lost, he wasn’t expected to win.

Trent had a great tweet about the post that he now hates because he didn’t account for Mayweather not being able to read when he sent it, but here it is anyway: