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Michael Rapaport Just Made Me And Johnny Football Best Friends #ComebackSZN

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 4.04.37 PM

What a day, fellas! What. A. Day! Who woulda thought a herpe having, race baiting, D-list actor who I still haven’t forgiven for shooting that bird on Friends would bring so many people together? Down is up, the sky is green, dogs and cats are living together, I feel like I could just float away! Me and my former enemy Johnny have reconciled, I’ve texted amicably with Smitty without him calling me a necrophiliac and without me calling him the dumbest person I’ve ever met. Shit, I think Deadspin might give us a compliment any day now!

It’s a brave new world out there, my friends. An entire company’s destain for one person has us all sitting around the campfire singing Kumbaya. I mean, this certainly won’t last, we all know that. But what a joyful day and weekend it’s been!

#ComebackSZN, indeed.