John Daly With A Hole-In-One!

Johnny with the ace! You love to see that. Yeah he’s known for his long drives but JD’s got them soft hands as well. I wish John Daly any and all good fortune all the time. He’s a living legend and should be treated as such. Shout out to the person who sent me that video but I would’ve liked them to stick around for the celebration. Although JD probably just lit up a cigarette and kept it moving. He doesn’t strike me as a guy who goes crazy after an ace. He’s seen it all, on and off the golf course, at this point. There’s about to be sooooooooooo many people who let Sunday ruin their Monday in that clubhouse later. You don’t not stick around and party with John Daly after he makes a hole-in-one. Jack and cokes as far as the eye can see. Probably a “Knockin’ On Heavens Door” performance from the man himself. Good times.

UPDATE: Here’s the full video with celebration

Hug from his caddy and a high five from his smoke wife. That’s my John.