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Official Picks For The NBA All Star Weekend Events


With tonight being the official start of the 2018 NBA All Star Weekend, what better time to talk about all the events and pick some winners mostly so I can take credit if it happens and then forget all about it if I’m wrong. Plus it’s late on a Friday afternoon, what are you going to do, work? Let’s get started.

Event #1 – Mountain Dew KickStart Rising Stars Challenge

This used to be the Rookie/Sophomore game but it’s been rebranded and is now a Team USA vs Team World, but still comprised of all the young promising studs the NBA has to offer. Here’s the breakdown

Team USA

Jaylen Brown

Jayson Tatum

John Collins

Kris Dunn

Brandon Ingram

Kyle Kuzma

Donovan Mitchell

Dennis Smith Jr

Taurean Prince

De’Aron Fox

Team World

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Dillon Brooks

Joel Embiid

Buddy Hield

Baby Dirk

Jamal Murray

Frankie Tentacles

Domantas Sabonis

Ben Simmons

Dario Saric

As of my writing this, Team USA is 2 point favorites and I’m not so sure about that. These games are usually all about offense and shooting and I’m not sold that Team USA has better shooters. I don’t have to tell you how streaky Jaylen and Tatum are, they’re currently fighting slumps so unless Ingram/Kuzma get really hot from deep this team could be in trouble.

With Team World you have Bogdan, Hield, Baby Dirk, Murray and Saric who can all go lights out. Not to mention they will have the best overall player on the court in Embiid who you just know is ready to put on a show. Team USA will give you the highlight dunks, but I think the shooting of Team World will be too much.

Official Pick: Team World

Event #2 – Celebrity All Star Game

Personally this is my least favorite event of the weekend, mostly because it’s like watching terrible JCC weekend basketball. To be honest I’d prefer they just rid of it and do like H-O-R-S-E or something. Maybe 3 on 3 or 21 or something more entertaining. Anyway, here’s how the two teams shape up

Team Lakers

Justin Bieber

Sterling Brim

Nick Cannon (he’s hilaaaaaarious)

Terrance Crawford

Rachel DeMita

Jerry Ferrara

Marc Lasry

Tracy McGrady

Caleb McLaughlin

Candace Parker

Nate Robinson

Drew Scott

Kris Wu

Team Clippers

Anthony Anderson

Brandon Armstrong

Miles Brown

Win Butler


Andre De Grasse

Stefanie Dolson

Jamie Foxx

Paul Pierce

Dascha Polanco


Bubba Watson

Jason Williams

Now I’ll admit, I have no idea who many of these people are but I know this. You put a team with Pierce/Commno/Quavo/Jason Williams on it and I’m riding with that every single time. I know those dudes can play.

Official Pick: Team Clippers

Event #3 – 2018 3pt Contest

Now the good events. First, here are all the current odds

Klay Thompson +150
Kyle Lowry +325
Eric Gordon +400
Paul George +475
Bradley Beal +625
Wayne Ellington +700
Devin Booker +1000
Tobias Harris +1250

A lot of good value with guys like Ellington and Booker. I’m not sure if you watch a lot of Heat games, but Ellington has been absolutely nails from three this year. Eric Gordon won the event last year so you can’t go wrong with him, but guys like him and Klay are boring picks. I’m going to ride with Devin Booker. He shoots 38% on the year and just made 6 threes in his last game on Valentine’s Day so I’m going with the hot hand

Official Pick: Devin Booker

Event #4 – 2018 Skills Competition

Current odds

Joel Embiid +300
Lauri Markkanen +400
Al Horford +480
Buddy Hield +625
Andre Drummond +700
Jamal Murray +1050
Spencer Dinwiddie +1300

Big men have owned this competition the last few years, with KAT and then Porzingis the last two winners so I’m thinking more mof the same this year. Unfortunately, while immensely skilled, I think guys like Embiid and Horford are just too slow. That’s why I’m riding with Baby Dirk. If you want to go Jamal Murray I won’t turn my nose up at you, now that he’s playing PG that’s a sneaky good pick, I just think Baby Dirk has the right combination of skill and speed that can get it done

Official Pick: Baby Dirk

Event #5 – 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Current Odds

Dennis Smith Jr. -105
Victor Oladipo +150
Larry Nance Jr. +225
Donovan Mitchell +350

Now this is a great list. All these dudes are ridiculous in game dunkers so this should not disappoint. I can’t remember a time when three of the four contestants are all point guards but that just goes to show how talented they are. It seems crazy to me that Larry Nance Jr has the 3rd best odds, this event is in his blood. The guy lives life on a permanent spring board. I’m going with the guy who is the son of this man

Official Pick: Larry Nance Jr

Event #6 – 2018 NBA All Star Game

With all the injuries and replacements, here’s a quick reminder of how each side looks

Team Lebron

Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving

Lebron James

LaMarcus Aldridge

Bradley Beal

Russell Westbrook

Victor Oladipo

Paul George

Andre Drummond

Goran Dragic

Kemba Walker

Team Curry

Steph Curry

James Harden

DeMar DeRozan

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Joel Embiid

Damian Lillard

Jimmy Butler

Draymond Green

Kyle Lowry

Klay Thompson

Karl Anthony Towns

Al Horford

As of now the line has this Team Lebron as -3.5 favorites even with all the injuries. I mean you lose Wall, Boogie, Porzingis, Love and one would think things would swing in Team Curry’s favor, but that’s how stacked Team Lebron is. Not only am I going Team Lebron, but I think -3.5 is way too close. I’m sure they’ll do there best to keep things close and entertaining but even still, the top tier talent of Team Lebron is still better than Team Curry. Unless Team Curry can get hot from deep, they have no shot

Official Pick: Team Lebron

Disagree with any of my picks? Well who ya got?