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Eye Of The Tiger Taking You Into Rough N Rowdy Weekend

A lot of people love to give Philly shit for worshipping Rocky Balboa, a fictional boxer portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in a motion picture. First off, those people can all suck a bag of dicks. But secondly, we have a real life version of Rocky now and his name is Adam Smith aka Barstool Smitty aka The Pasta Slangin’ Head Bangin’ Blockhead From Philly. And after Smitty ends up knocking the $20 Chef’s 39-year-old head right off of his 39-year-old body at Rough N’ Rowdy tonight, we’ll have a statue of Smitty right there at the Art Museum next to the Italian Stallion. The song is called the “Eye of the Tiger”, not the “Lazy Eye of the Tiger”. I’d keep the towel in hand ready to throw at any moment if I were the Heartland boys.