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Battle On The Highway Takes A Twist That Redefines The Road Rage Fight Genre

If it wasn’t for the helpful caption from the Barstool Twitter account I would have shut that off about halfway through. Thank god I stayed for the end.  What a TWIST on the common road rage video!  Redefining the genre!  Not exactly an M Night Shaymalan twist – more of a Michael Bay one.  All we needed was the gas tank to explode the second it hit the divider as the entire freeway gets covered in a massive fire.  Hopefully taking out the narrator with it.  Shut the fuckkkk upppppp.

If we’ve learned anything from all these years watching videos on the internet – never get out of your car.  Road Rage Anger is a next level anger that the human brain can’t fully comprehend yet.  You can honk your horn, flip some birds, bang your fists on the steering wheel.  Once you get out, common human conventions and norms go out the window.  Instead of yelling and threatening to punch you wind up spitting in a dude’s mouth which causes him to try and drive over you with his truck while simultaneously flipping it over.  Save yourself the trouble folks.