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Nikola Jokic Recorded The Fastest Triple Double In NBA History Last Night (14:33)

The Jokic Hive is going to be beating their chests and dicks over this stat for a while and to be honest they earned it. That is just a ridiculous line for any player, let alone a 6’10” center. Jokic logged a triple double in the NBA quicker than it will take me to write this blog. The entire Smitty-Chef fight with entrances, intros and post-fight interviews will likely take more than 15 minutes. But Jokic put up 16, 10, and 10 in that time. Dude was hitting threes and dropping dimes We are truly living in the Unicorn Era. Shit, that freaky bastard Giannis recorded a 36 point triple double in the the same game and it was ho hum compared to Jokic’s feat.

And that guy has his own Blowjob Bell! I’m not saying Jokic is anywhere near Giannis’ level. But if he keeps doing shit like this, he should definitely be in the running for at least a Handjob Bell or a Dry Hump Whistle by next Valentine’s Day. And IF he keeps doing shit like this, he may just end up being known as the best number 15 in Nuggets history.

P.S. Never forget the GOAT