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Yun-Sung Bin, South Korea's Superstar Skeleton Rider, Had It All Going Last Night With His Iron Man Helmet While Winning the Gold Medal

Last night I caught the finals of the Skeleton run which is basically luging just going head first. You’re essentially a crazy person if you do this because it’s suicide. One little slip up or twitch and you’re dead. From how they hyped him up, Yun-Sung Bin is the LeBron James of this sport and was South Korea’s best chance to win gold in their first non-ice skating event in Winter Olympic history. Dude came out rocking a full Iron Man get-up and I was hooked. All the South Korean fans going nuts as if this was the Super Bowl. Shaun White who?  Yun-Sung Bin comes out and legit punches the ice as hard as he possibly can to get himself hyped.

giphy (4)

And then he just blew away the competition. Literally flying around the track at speeds that will kill you if you fuck up. Full video below, I love this guy.