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How Long Is Too Long To Keep Clothes That Are Covered In Cum?

Earlier today I saw an article talking about Stormy Daniels’ dress. She said that it has DNA on it from President Trump from a party in 2006. If my math is correct, that party was

12 years ago. That got me thinking: how long is too long to keep a dress covered in cum?

Now, obviously, it’s to each his own. When it comes to having cum covered clothing, may a thousand blossoms bloom as far as I’m concerned. If Stormy wants to keep the seed of real estate mogul/tv star for 12 years, that’s her prerogative. Me? I dunno. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

You see, old cum stinks. It smells bad. I know this because when I was a younger lad I didnt dispose or wash of my rags often enough. When my bedside stand started to smell like a shrimp cocktail from one of the lower-end Vegas hotels, I knew it was time to change out the ole nut rag.

One time when I was in college, my friend found my rag. It was a basketball tshirt. On the shirt was a picture of a basketball and the words “He Got Game.” From then on, my friend would constantly say the phrase to me which was bullying. There is no question about that. He bullied me. Before he saw the shirt, I had been using it for probably 5 weeks. 6 weeks tops. So, to answer the question, I would keep cum stained clothing for 4 weeks. 12 years is insane but I’m not gonna judge those who keep cum clothes longer. This is still America.

(I am aware that the smell probably fades away again after a certain period of time but I dont have those numbers in front of me right now. I’d guess 3 months. I assume it’s the same as piss but I can’t be sure without the figures.)