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Girl Likes Guy On Subway, Posts "Missed Connection" On Craigslist & Has Enormous Mural Built To Find Him, And Thankfully He Never Showed Up

AP News- It wasn’t meant to be for a New York City woman seeking a mystery missed connection via a 20-foot mural asking him to meet her on Valentine’s Day.

Twenty-five-year-old Devin Custalow waited for nearly 30 minutes at the billboard that asked the mystery man with yellow shoes she met on a subway train in October to meet with her at 1 p.m. Wednesday. She was surrounded by friends, family and plenty of cameras for the meeting that never came to pass — but her loved ones were on hand with a bouquet of flowers.

Score one for men! For too long, guys have gazed with desire at women on the subway only to find their glances rebuffed with canisters of mace. And from experience, I can tell you that when you stare lovingly at a woman and she, in turn, sprays your eyes with tear gas, pulls the emergency break, and posts your photo on gingerpredators.com, it’s a huge blow to your ego.

Which is why I love this story so much. This young lady thought her obscenely over-the-top romantic gestures would make it impossible for any guy to resist her. But Valentine’s Day came and went, and Devin was left holding what I imagine was a giftwrapped copy of Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In,” surrounded by a camera crew that captured the disappointment and rejection that we men face on a daily basis. Ha! Serves you right for assuming he was straight. Yellow shoes? Come on, Devin…

This is classic women-thinking. “Meet here at 1PM on Valentine’s Day.” Hey lady, ever heard of a job? How about a meeting time that isn’t in the middle of a fucking work day. Her message, if we’re being honest, is “To the random man I like: I expect you to drop everything you’re doing and risk termination from your place of employment for the opportunity to meet me. You’re welcome.” Sounds like Devin could use a job herself. Good thing she’s familiar with Craigslist.

Having said all that, I like that she flipped traditional dating conventions around and took the initiative. She probably went a little too far for my liking. Not exactly playing hard to get here with that 70-foot mural. Coy, she is not. But I dig that–sometimes, it’s nice when you don’t have to do any work at all. If she sets the table, it’s rude not to eat. Read that however you’d like.