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Vote For Our Girl Camille Kostek To Join The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Team


1) Click this link – #SISwimSearch

2) Scroll down to Camille’s Name

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 2.20.27 PM

3) Click Vote

4) Rest assured that you did your duty as a human being making sure that you brought Camille to the rest of the general population

Shes a friend of Barstool, an absolute stunner, has a personality to match her looks, and on todays episode of KFC Radio she talks about getting naked in Belize, having sex in public, proposing threesomes and she makes fun of bloggers and all of the Barstool guys for being nerds. Whatta woman. The very least you can do for her after taking those SI pics and doing that appearance on the podcast is vote for her to officially join the SI team. Shes already in this year’s issue but if she wins this vote she joins the team full time and will be eligible to win SI Rookie of the Year and has a legit chance to blow up as a super model. So if your interested in that happening, vote.

PS – Also if you’re a Pats fan you should vote for obvious reasons too.