Text Messages From Children Inside The Parkland, Florida School Are Heartbreaking


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The time-capsule of text messages after a horror scene is shaking. I have two children who attend public school. One of those kids is 12. When I see these types of texts from brothers to sisters or sisters to sisters or parents to kids, I put my family in that situation. I try to think of how I would react.

The terror that would be coursing through my veins is unimaginable even as I try to imagine. The concept of that level of fear goes beyond what my imagination is capable of. Reading the words, “I’m so scared” carries so much more weight compounded with the video that we saw yesterday. Even though the video is a clear description, my brain refuses to accept it as a possibility.

For 17 families, it’s a reality. For a school full of children, it’s a reality. It shouldnt be a reality for anyone, but this is our new reality.