The Raiders Reportedly Told Sebastian Janikowski That They Will Not Be Bringing Him Back Next Season And It Makes Me Sad As Hell

Shit man, seeing that tweet really hit hard. There was something perfect about the Raiders having a badass, overweight, lefty kicker that was drafted in the first round and could boot a football through an upright from a mile away like a fucking mule. That was the craziest Al Davis pick I have ever seen in my life and the best example of the RRRRRRAIDERS doing RRRRRRRRAIDERS things. Yeah you can say that the spirit of Al lives on in Mark Davis’ bowl cut. But they don’t make kickers like Janikowski anymore.


I don’t know if Janikowski will end up on a roster next season, but I’ll hold out hope that it’s somewhere in the AFC West. Because there was no better bye week fantasy kicker pickup than adding The Polish Cannon when he was visiting Mile High. A 70 yard field goal always seemed like a possibility. As a fellow big man, I hope Bassy lands on his feet (preferably with the Giants or #BillsMafia) or is happy in the next phase of his life. If there is an NFL player that should enjoy retirement, it is Sebastian Janikowski.

It’s also pretty unbelievable that Jon Gruden finally got his wish all these years later (except for the whole offensive playmaker thing).

Now who wants to watch Janny kick the dick out of some pigskin?

*Raises hand*