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35 Genius Costco Hacks And Tricks

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.57.19 PM

1. Samples. Buddy, you gotta get the samples.
2. When something is on sale, stock up. I remember one time there was a sale on potstickers. These potstickers were downright delicious. They had chicken, something else, and cilantro inside. I was blown away. I bought 7 packs right there. 70 bucks on potstickers? That’s such a good deal. I would have been an idiot to not get those potstickers.
3. Dip. Dip on dip on dip.
4. Chips. Hell, you got all that dip, might as well get some chips while you’re at it.
5. Cat litter. Whoops. My cat died.
6. Dog food. Grain-free, obviously.
7. Goldfish the crackers.

Guys, I cant complete the list. I have no idea how people can write long as list. I could mention a few more great things about costco like their dining cards, vitamin selection, wine list, rice, organic coffees, cheeses, the pizza, the hot dogs, the deli sandwiches, the grapes being fresher than usual, the strawberries being incredibly juicy, the paper plate being a little more sturdy, the cash return policy, the return policy in general, the tvs during Christmas time, the tire shop is a bonus, the liquor store, cheaper light bulbs, friendly cashiers, oversized carts, vacation deals, rental cars, less waste in the form of plastic baggies, underwear, lower prices on new release books, exellent quality meat market, fresh baked muffins, fresh baked cookies, and lest we forget no-hassle online shopping but I could never come up with a list of 35 things just for a simple blog. Leave that shit to Buzzfeed. That’s all I have to say about that.