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Just What Every Romantic Needed On Valentine's Day: A Brand New Paris Hilton Jam

Valentine’s Day can be a tough one for some of us single folk. Not really for me, specifically, but other folks? Absolutely. Folks who lack self-evaluation skills and haven’t yet realized, “I’ve got exactly what I deserve,” can struggle. Not today!

Today we’ve got love. Today we’ve got something to appreciate and be thankful for. Today we’ve got Paris Hilton.

I’m not gonna say she’s for everyone but if you didn’t spend the summer of 2006 singing “Stars are Blind” at the top of your lungs then we probably had very little in common and wouldn’t have been friends, as that song was a heater. Now she’s back and she wants to put the happy in our birthday, she wants to be the thanks in our Thanksgiving, she needs us. Just like we need Paris.

My only problem with it is that the YouTube has this listed as “Comedy”? Excuse me? This song is fucking beautiful. I dare you to not listen to this while images of former paramours rip through your brain and maybe make you cry a little bit. You won’t be able to do it. Happy Valentine’s Day!