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Krav Maga Expert Goes Full Hulk, Fights Off Five Machete-Wielding Burglars After They Attack His Son And Dog

Source - A martial arts expert single-handedly fought off a gang of five robbers after they stormed into his home wielding machetes. golf clubs and baseball bats.

David Pugh, 55, had been asleep when the thugs smashed into his home demanding cash before they started attacking his teenage son and 20-week-old puppy.

Incredibly he managed to fight off the masked men with his bare hands – but graphics photos have revealed the extent of David’s injuries after he suffered a broken nose and facial injuries.

David, who is trained in Israeli self-defence combat Krav Maga, said “instinct took over” when he found them attacking his 17-year-old son and Rottweiler puppy Zeus.

“I grabbed the first couple I could, it turned into a brawl and a battle. I just grabbed what I could and hit them with aftershave bottles and chairs. I was getting hit repeatedly on the head – they had machetes, a baseball bat and a golf club. I was desperately trying to get to my son’s room. but I had so many splits to my head, I was drenched in blood. They must have thought they half-killed me. In retrospect we were probably quite lucky.”

“We have a puppy and he got a blow to the head, he ended up running into the garden, he fell into the canal- he was hypothermic. A guy called Andy, a canoeist, found him and took him to Birmingham Dogs Home and warmed him up. We got out of hospital and took him to the vets and stitched him up.”

Officers arrived eight minutes after the 999 call.

The written account of this story is wild, but the PICTURE version is insane. I didn’t include them in the blog because they’re too graphic but you can look at them HERE. Again, they’re disgusting, but if you want you can look at them HERE.

Truth be told, I was a little jealous of Francis this week. I’ve always wanted to be burgled. Mostly so I could stop said burglar, become a hero, and go super viral. Think about how cool that would be?  You wake up to a noise coming from the kitchen.  Slowly creeping out of bed, you peer around the corner to reveal a hooded silhouette.  A smile creeps over your face for two reasons: one- you have nothing valuable, and two- the hunter just became the hunted. Working your way towards the intruder you accidentally step on the squeaky floorboard. Shit. His head whips around. It’s ON. You exchange blows and after a brief struggle you manage to secure him using duct tape and cactus.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 1.19.32 PM

The police arrive and you’re the hero. It would be great. At least that’s what I thought until I read this story. Which doesn’t do it justice without the pictures.

You never know how you’re going to react in a crisis situation but I hope I’d react like David. The guy fought off all five robbers while half of his head was hanging off. I have to imagine dad strength took over when he thought of his son and dog otherwise he would’ve been dead.

Overall it’s an embarrassing showing for robbers. If I’m one of those guys and I see four of my buddies getting their asses kicked I’m falling down like a  Dr. Evil henchman.

At any rate, hopefully everyone is able to make a full and speedy recovery. Especially the dog.