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Kim Jong Un Impersonator Trolls The North Korean Cheerleaders, Gets Arrested, And Trolls The Police Who Can't Touch Him

YahooA Kim Jong Un impersonator arrived at the Korea-Japan hockey game on Wednesday, waved hello to the North Korean cheerleaders, starting waving a flag, and then was hustled out to the concourse and briefly detained.

It was the same man who made a scene at the Opening Ceremony when he appeared with a Donald Trump lookalike. On this Valentine’s Day, he showed up alone.

He gave his name as “Howard.” He said he is from Australia and lives in Hong Kong. He is not Korean, nor does he speak Korean. He told Yahoo Sports his goal was “Enjoy the game, meet the cheerleaders, which I did, and create some good political satire.”

“I guess everybody has a cause, you know?” he said. “I have an advantage to advance this cause. I was born with this face.”

First off, three cheers for this legend. This is the same guy who showed up at the opening ceremonies with the Trump impersonator. He’s now exploring a solo career and has become the darling of these Olympics. Dude has balls the size of cantaloupes. He knew exactly how to play it too– “what did I do? This is my face.” lol I love that. LOVE that defense. Yeah dude, it’s your face, but you’re also Australian and no Aussie-Asian man would ever get the KJU haircut. We all know exactly what he’s doing, but he gets to play dumb because it’s his parade and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.

But the best part is when he stares down the police and mercilessly trolls them. He’s so insanely confident. He looks like a coach delivering a pump-up speech to his team. Hands behind his back, “are we having a staring contest?” He even complains that he’s going to miss the game! The women’s hockey game which, I guarantee you, he doesn’t give a flying fuck about. That little flag he’s holding might as well be a soup ladle because he’s only there to stir the pot.

The fact that he speaks perfect English with an Aussie accent is what makes this so baffling for the police. This is an incredible variation of the “white privilege” that Donnie told me he enjoys everywhere he goes in Asia. The police will not touch you if they know that you’re from the West. Usually, the Western tourists are white, but in this case, the guy is Asian. And yet that accent! At first I thought he was British. Completely at odds with what they were expecting to hear. They thought they’d caught a local political dissident, someone making a statement of protest against his country. But then he opened his mouth and he sounds like a professor at Hogwarts. I don’t think they have pretzels in Korea so we’ll say the cops’ brains were Korean BBQ’d.