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Is This Croatian Lacrosse Goalie The Most Dominant Athlete In The World? Next Question

I’m not exactly sure how long lacrosse has been in Croatia at this point. From this video it appears that it’s only been a couple of years or so. Which means there’s a good chance this goalie is playing on a team with nobody who can handle his clear passes. Buddy has been eating up shots left and right in cage, goes to hit a defender on a banana peel out to the sideline and it’s an instant turnover. Has to be frustrating as AIDS. So what does he go ahead and do next time he makes a save?

One man wrecking crew. The most efficient and savage clear the game has to offer.

This poor guy thought he was just going to have a nice, fun little day out on the lax field. Turns out he was showing up for his own funeral.

There’s Beast Mode. And then there’s the murder that this animal just committed. All I’m saying is that all of the haters and losers, of which there are many, love to think that lacrosse players just “weren’t athletic enough to make their JV baseball team in high school”. When the reality of the situation is that we have goalies in Croatia who are better athletes than anybody who has ever once stepped foot on a baseball diamond. I need Barstool to purchase a pro lax team so my first order of business as GM/Head Coach/Team Captain is signing this goalie to a lifetime contract.

h/t Croatia Lacrosse