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This Picture Of The Oshies Could Bring Peace To The Middle East

Are you kidding me? Just perfect. You know how Jenny doesn’t think Forrest knows what love is? This is what love is. And them bringing the pup into the pic, what a move. Is this going to set the record for most #GOALS comments on an Instagram post of all time? It has to be, if the “omg perfect” and “crying” comments don’t cut into the total too much. I mean sure I’m sad and lonely and depressed while the rest of the world dances in the moonlight, kicking up their heels, celebrating life and laughter with their eternal loves, but I can appreciate love when I see it. And this picture, that one right there, should be hung in a museum, put on the 20 dollar bill, and projected onto the moon for all to see. This picture could cure cancer, fix poverty, and bring peace to the middle east. I just imagine the leaders of Palestine and Israel seeing this picture and realizing life is too short to continue this battle they’ve been fighting for the last few hundred years. TJ and Lauren Oshie bringing peace to the Middle East, it’s a Valentine’s Day miracle.