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Did Patrick Connor From Dallas Braden's Show Dialed In Set The World Record For Fastest Apology Of All Time At A New Job?

So this week we launched a new show on Barstool 85 called Dialed In With Dallas Braden. It’s been in the works for a couple months. It airs 2-4pm est every day. Dallas’s cohosts are Patrick OConnor (longtime SF radio guy) and former baseball player/comedian Brody Stevens. Well it didn’t take PCon very long to get in the mud. On day freaking 2 he made national news by saying that if Chloe Kim was 18 years old she’d be a hot piece of ass. Naturally my crush Laura Wagner from Univision jumped all over this and roasted Patrick and Barstool and made it into a thing. And then boom this morning PCon issued his twitter apology. Yikes life comes at you fast when you join the pirate ship that’s for sure. We’re always getting fired on and firing back.

Anyway as always with stuff like this the thing that drives me nuts is PCon put the ball on a tee for Laura Wagner. Just threw an 82 mph fastball right down the cock with no movement. Listen I’m not personally offended saying a chick will be a hot piece of ass when she turns 18, but you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know lots of people would. It just wasn’t funny enough to justify the joke. If you’re going to offend people it better be funny as fuck. It’s a hard lesson on day 2 for PCon and it does stink seeing Barstool once again dragged through the mud by the haters and critics for a guy who literally has been with us for 5 seconds. But this is new Barstool. Everybody is hanging on everything we say. We are under an intense microscope. People won’t talk about how our Sirius lineup has girls up and down the dial. They won’t talk about the debate we had yesterday with Paige Spiranic and Britt McHenry regarding the SI swimsuit issue. They will pull a 3 second bit and call us sexist and say we are the antichrist. So is life at Barstool Sports. We are the most scrutinized, over analyzed, fastest growing media company on the planet. Frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a great philosopher once said…Mo money mo problems. As always the Pirate Ship sails on.