United Airlines Passenger Tweets Out A Terrifying Video Of His Plane's Engine Disintegrating Mid-Flight

Source - Passengers on a United Airlines plane survived a truly terrifying ordeal after they were ordered to “brace for impact” when part of one of the aircraft’s engines flew off mid-flight over the Pacific Ocean.

Video and images shared by passengers on social media show one of the plane’s engine’s visibly damaged after the motor’s cowling—or covering—reportedly flew off during the Hawaii-bound flight from San Francisco. 

The flight crew declared an emergency, telling passengers to “brace for impact” in case of a rough landing, according to The Telegraph. A spokesperson for United Airlines told Newsweek the airline plans to issue full refunds to all passengers on the flight.

Normally, I make fun of anyone who is too afraid to fly. It’s an unsubstantiated fear; you’re more likely to drown in your own bathtub than die in a plane crash. For example, when Tex went to West Virginia to get beat up by Hank, he took a car because “the airport was on a mountain.” I didn’t ask him about the logic because it was too infuriating. But hey, to each their own. That said, I am totally cool if these passengers never want to fly again. Completely justified. I mean LOOK at that thing.

The entire front half is gone. It’s kind of cool to look at on the ground, but if I see it mid-flight I’m shitting my pants. Not tweeting out jokes about it.

Then again, as a six-foot-four-inch tall man, hearing ‘brace for impact’ may be music to my ears depending on how long we’ve been in the air. I’m about seventy-thirty legs to torso, so my knees get ravaged on long flights. Life is tough. At least United tried to make things right by refunding passengers. Although, if they really wanted to go above and beyond they would pay for the post traumatic stress therapy they’re going to need every time they see a plane. All’s well that ends well, I guess.