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Girl Squirting Breast Milk In The Office Milk Carton Is Sneaky Kind Of Hot Right?



What the hell is going on here? Is this like when you were a kid and you put water in your dad’s liquor bottles to make it look like you didn’t drink any (this may be the one common act that binds all white american men). Or is this some type of fucked up revenge? A fuck you to the entire office, they think they’re putting milk in their coffee but really it’s just titty juice. Also how is this chick so skinny and hot if she’s still breast feeding? Like I would be pissed if I drank breast milk from a fat chick but for some reason I don’t think I’d care if it came from a smoke. That just seems sort of new and kinky, just trying new stuff.





Either way, this might be the most confusing video I’ve ever seen. So many questions, so few answers. I guess the lesson is don’t trust anything in the office fridge, but you already knew that, and at the same time maybe trust it because smokeshow breast milk is sort of cool? So yeah, we learned no lessons.





I once was at a party with a stripper who squirted breast milk into a cup. You know that sound a home crowd makes when the away team hits a buzzer beater? That’s the exact sound the party made when she started squirting milk from her tits. Also, that one did come with a lesson, don’t hire strippers from Joliet.