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I Need Laura Wagner To Be My Valentine

lwagnerrrr lwagner

Another day and another hit piece by the indominable Laura Wager. I honestly think I love this fucking woman. She’s just so potty mouthed and so vile and so vindictive. She’s just so obsessed with hating Barstool I can’t get enough.  I legit think her enitre day is just listening to Power 85 and reading our blog waiting for us to say something remotely controversial or stupid so she can sprint to her computer and blog about it.  It’s the type of dedication, hatred and pure jealousy you just don’t see everyday.

I mean take today for example. On Barstool Radio we had Paige Spiranac, Brit McHenry and our girl Liz Gonzalez all having a spirited debated about the SI swimsuit issue and what it means to the #MeToo movement. It was a topical, engaging and covering a viral story that everybody was discussing after Paige and Brit got in a war of words on twitter earlier in the day. It seems like something that would be right up Laura Wagner’s alley. But instead of mentioning that she chose to focus on a comment from Patrick O’connor on our new show Dialed in with Dallas Braden.   Keep in mind this show is 2 days old. PCon has been working for us for less than 48 hours.  Yeah it was sort of a stupid comment but to dedicate an entire blog to it?  It’s so diabolical I can’t help but love her for it. Like she’s been working at Deadspin for less than a year and she’s written about us 100 times already. She goes to bed dreaming of Barstool. She wakes up dreaming of Barstool. Our demise is what keeps her going.  It’s her motivation to live.   Seriously I can’t get enough of this cutie pie. I need her in my life. Laura Wagner will you be my valentine?

PS – Never forget

“We didn’t post much about Barstool here in the past”

– Drew McGary on Univision covering Barstool Sports