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Tommy Lasorda Says That He Hopes V. Stiviano Gets Hit By A Car But That He Also Doesn't Wish Her Any Bad Luck



WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. —Baseball legend Tommy Lasorda was in South Florida on Tuesday, picking up an honorary doctorate degree, speaking at a college graduation and dropping a bomb on the Donald Sterling-V. Stiviano dust-up. Lasorda is the former baseball manager who led the Los Angeles Dodgers to two World Series championships in the 1980s.

Alongside basketball coaching legend Rollie Massimino, Lasorda was in West Palm Beach to pick up his honorary degree from Northwood University, where he was scheduled to speak as the school’s commencement speaker Tuesday afternoon. WPBF 25 News’ Erin Guy on Tuesday spent a few minutes with Lasorda, who weighed in on the racist remarks by Los Angeles Clippers‘ owner Donald Sterling. “I’ve been a friend of that guy’s for 30 years,” he said. “It doesn’t surprise me that he said those things. And he shouldn’t have said it. He just hurt himself by talking too much and doing things he shouldn’t be doing.” Lasorda also shared an unsolicited opinion on Sterling’s silly rabbit, V. Stiviano. “And I don’t wish that girl any bad luck but I hope she gets hit with a car,” he said.

Love Tommy Lasorda. I honestly just don’t know why we waited this long to get his opinion on Donald Sterling. Because while everyone else walks on egg shells and dances around Race in America Tommy Lasorda will give you a completely honest and accurate depiction of what happened. Donald Sterling being racist is not surprising, you have to be a moron to not realize that, but really the only person he hurt was himself, fact. More importantly though, V. Stiviano needs to get hit by a car. That’s all of it right there, that’s the entire story in a perfect nutshell. Oh and of course we don’t wish V Stiviano any bad luck, we just want her to die or be paralyzed and suffer forever, but no bad luck, that would be mean. Tommy knows all. Now take your pop music and cell phones and selfies and shove them up your ass.
Forget expanding to new cities, if Barstool wants to blow up we should honestly hire Tommy Lasorda and just ask him random current event questions. Put a camera in his face whenever a big event breaks and let him speak his mind. No Filter. Just Tommy being Tommy.