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LeBron Was Asked About Trae Young's Upcoming NBA Decision and Said "What Decision? That's Like Asking Me If I'm Going To Wake Up In the Morning"

Where have I seen this movie before? LeBron falls in love with a player in college, tweets about him all the time, and demands Cavs go all-out for him in the draft. His team, in a last ditch effort to keep LeBron, takes said player. LeBron spurns team and leaves.

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Future Headline: LeBron forces Cavs to draft Trae Young, leaves for the Lakers.

Now this is not a knock against Trae Young. LeBron is right when he says Trae has a no brainer decision to leave after his freshman year and enter the draft. I hope to God his team’s recent slump has him fall to the Knicks in the draft, but we all know LeBron’s antics here. Realistically the Knicks win a few games late in the season and the team before the Knicks takes Young and he becomes the next Steph Curry. And thus the world keeps going round and round.