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"All That" Reunions With Kenan and Kel Make Me Nostalgically Happy

EW - Who loves a Kenan and Kel/All That reunion? We do! We do, we do, we do-oooh!

An upcoming episode of MTV’s Wild ‘n Out has brought together some of the biggest Nickelodeon stars from the ’90s. Over the weekend, Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson, Lori Beth Denberg, and Josh Server got together to guest on fellow All That alum Nick Cannon’s comedy series. And to the delight of all ’90s kids, Mitchell shared the nostalgia-inducing photos on Instagram.

Part of All That‘s debut cast in 1994, Thompson, Mitchell, Denberg, and Server ended as four of the longest-tenured members. After five seasons, Mitchell and Thompson left to wrap up their own classic self-titled series.


I wasn’t sure how to finish the title. “All That” Reunions With Kenan and Kel Make Me Nostalgically Happy….but….I’m not sure the words I’m looking for. It’s not sad. It’s…they make me feel I guess just old. Like time has passed me by to the point seeing Kenan and Kel together makes me happy. Seeing that Lori Beth Denberg is still alive brings a smile to my face. By the way, I always wonder about people like her. Child actress, probably did ok for herself for a few years, but what does she do now? Just a normal cube job?

But anyway, I think this is how old people feel when they see someone like Carol Burnett on television. Our generation knows the name but probably doesn’t know anything about her. In reality she’s 84 years old and your parents probably love her. And that’s how I feel about people like Kenan and Kel. I mean it’s a weird example, I know, but it’s true. They are just such a part of my childhood that seeing them reunited I feel like a nostalgic old person wondering where all the years went, wondering how the time has flown by so quickly.



PS: What is going on with Nick Cannon in this pic? Terrible angle?



PS:Kinda sick how Nick Cannon, Kenan, and Gabriel Iglesias all started on All That. Not to mention Danny Tamberelli! But also Amanda Bynes. Man, remember the Summer of Amanda Bynes when she went Britney Spears levels of crazy but even crazier? Good times.