Even Slovenian Snowboarders Are Getting Behind The #FreeMeekMill Movement

I can’t believe this is actually going to be the case, but when historians look back at 2018 decades from now, somehow the prevailing message of this time will be #FreeMeekMill. They will learn that the judge who threw Meek in the slammer may have done so because Meek would not remake a Boyz II Men song that the judge wanted. Those historians will also learn that the soundtrack to Philly burning down after the Eagles Super Bowl was “Free Meek Mill”, hear how even Meek’s rap rival was chanting for him to be freed, and then see a fucking Slovenian was repping it on his snowboard halfway around the world during the Olympics. That’s when you know you are worldwide. When countries 95% of Americans couldn’t point out on a map are getting behind a cause. Is Meek Mill the modern day Nelson Mandela? You tell me.

In fact, Meek Mill is probably the biggest winner of the Eagles Super Bowl run. Yeah Nick Foles made himself a bunch of money and got to watch Big Dick Nick trend on Twitter for about 72 hours straight. Doug Pederson is on the coolest seat in the entire NFL. And I think Smitty may have even flashed a smile at some point in between #Dickgate and Rough N Rowdy 2 trash talk (BUY NOW!). But Meek Mill went from the punchline left in ruins after Back To Back dropped to the guy that has transcended language and culture barriers while being shouted out at the Olympics because he violated probation. Unbelievable.

Orrrrrrr this snowboarder didn’t want people to focus on the fact his first name was Tit so he shouted out the most viral phrase he saw on the internet last week. Either way, you gotta chalk it up as a W for Meek.