Jordan Spieth Gets Roasted By Billy Hurley III In Mock Political Ad

Billy Hurley from the clouds! The quiet Navy vet dropping heat on Jordan Spieth. It’s so good when you absolutely don’t expect it. When it hits you in the back of the head. Knocks you over before you know what or who hit you. Billy Hurley III? What? Who? Really?

Billy was on Fore Play last year — he’s an incredibly nice and thoughtful guy but typically quiet and reserved. He’s one of those dudes who just goes about his business without bothering anybody. An honorable Navy man who’s been through some awful personal tragedy in a crazily public way. He delivered one of the most emotional wins you’ll ever see at the 2016 Quicken Loans National after getting a spot through a sponsor’s exemption. But he’s always been relatively quiet in the public eye.

And now all the sudden he pops up with a hilarious 2-minute roasting of Spieth? Incredible. Go Billy go.

Here’s a link to Billy on our show. Like I said, a great, thoughtful guy.

Also hopped on ZBT.