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I Just Wish We Had A Live Reaction From Putin After Jocelyne Lamoureux Scored 2 Goals In 6 Seconds Against Olympic Athletes From Russia

Put this clip in my last blog but it was so nice it deserved an encore.

You know that these next few weeks have to be one of the lowest moments for Vladimir Putin. Not only did Russia get caught on their doping scandal. Not only were Russian athletes who tested positive banned from competing at the Winter Games. Not only did the clean athletes decide not to stand united with Putin and boycott the games. Not only are those clean athletes who are still competing banned from competing under the Russian national flag. But now the Olympic Athletes From Russia women’s hockey team went out against Team USA today and got fucking worrrrrrrked.

5-0 Freedom and the dagger came in the 2nd period when Jocelyne Lamoureux set an Olympic record and scored 2 goals in just 6 seconds. The 2nd goal was so damn smooth that the cameraman got put on skates as well.

Dangle Days. Head fake. Leg kick. Forehand. Backhand. In the back of the net. What a beauty.

Just think about it. Russia and Putin have already been shamed enough as is. Now he has to just sit there and watch as his women’s hockey team gets their asses kicked by the US of A, and they can’t even use any drugs about it. Sad!

The Olympic Athletes from Russia still don’t have a gold medal yet these Olympics and if we’re being honest, I’m starting to get a bit worried. They sure as shit aren’t going to win gold in the women’s hockey tournament. And the longer they go without winning a gold, the closer I think Putin gets to starting up some random war purely out of frustration. We might reach a tipping point when the US men’s team breaks out the Miracle on Ice Part II on Saturday against OAR.