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Banks Olympic Blog - February 13, 2018: Chloe Kim Is A Bona Fide Superstar

medal count 2-13-18

Oooooooo Banks is back with another fire Olympics bloggggg

The US remains in fifth in the medal count after adding 2 medals yesterday. Am I worried about this gap that’s starting to build up? Hell naw. It wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t make it hard on ourselves. Plenty of events left to collect that hardware. If it was easy to be America everybody would do it.

Today’s hero is Chloe Kim, who won gold easily in the snowboard halfpipe. She absolutely stole the show. Her first run was easily good enough to earn her the gold, leaving her a meaningless victory lap run to finish the event. Obviously she balled out and nearly notched a perfect score with a 98.25. She even fired out a casual hangry tweet 10 minutes before her last run.

Arielle Gold joined her on the podium with a bronze medal as well. Americans starting to clean up out there…

gold bronze

If you’ve been waiting for some good skiing wipeouts, boy do I have good news for you

We had a bit of a nasty one in the halfpipe event as well…

This may not have happened during these Olympic games but the NBC broadcast flashed back to it and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t share it. I’m no ski jumping expert but I’m gonna go ahead and say this is poor form

Just an outrageous ponytail on the long-track speedskating starter. Dude definitely fucks

starter ponytail

Well when you put it that way…


Tonight I’m watching the men’s halfpipe final. There are probably only so many more times we’ll ever see Shaun White on the big stage, so there’s no chance I’m missing this. He came up short with a 4th place finish in Sochi after taking gold in ’06 and ’10. Last night in qualifying he crushed it, scoring a 98.50. There’s no way he didn’t leave some for the final tonight, no way no how. GOAT stay GOAT.

Today’s Olympic Smoke is Austrian snowboarder Anna Gasser. Gasser? I hardly know her…

gasser 1gasser 3gasser 4